The ​Crown General Maximizing Mobility After Injury or Surgery with Physical Therapy

Maximizing Mobility After Injury or Surgery with Physical Therapy

Maximizing Mobility After Injury or Surgery with Physical Therapy post thumbnail image

Injuries and surgeries can be debilitating, but physical therapy can help you maximize your mobility and get back to living life fully. Dr. Robert Stravinsky is a therapist currently working at Professional Physical Therapy.

He graduated with his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Boston University with a specialty in outpatient orthopedics in 2019. With his expertise, you can have peace of mind knowing that your recovery process will be managed safely and effectively.
The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Mobility Improvement
Physical therapy provides a range of benefits for individuals recovering from injuries and surgeries. By strengthening the body’s muscles and joints, physical therapists are able to improve mobility while reducing pain and discomfort associated with the injury or surgery.

Additionally, physical therapy can help reduce swelling, reduce muscle tension, improve balance, and increase flexibility – all essential components of successful rehabilitation.
The Role of The Physical Therapist
During your sessions, Dr. Robert Stravinsky will work one-on-one to assess your injury or surgical site as well as outline an individualized plan of care designed to meet your specific needs.

He will then teach you how to perform exercises that help strengthen muscles and joints while also providing guidance on proper posture, positioning, and movement patterns that are integral for optimizing your recovery process.

You will also have access to various tools, such as heat packs or foam rollers, that aid in increasing circulation throughout the body, which helps promote healing.
Mobility is essential for leading an active lifestyle without any disruption or limitation caused by injury or surgery. With the implementation of physical therapy services from Dr. Robert Stravinsky at Professional Physical Therapy in Waltham, Massachusetts, you can rest assured that you are receiving quality care tailored specifically to meet your needs so you can get back on track quickly and efficiently! Start maximizing your mobility today!

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