The ​Crown General Dr. Philip Sobash has scientific guarantees, and the weight of his experience

Dr. Philip Sobash has scientific guarantees, and the weight of his experience

Dr. Philip Sobash has scientific guarantees, and the weight of his experience post thumbnail image

Dr. Philip Sobash performs periodic reviews, assists older adults with pathologies such as diabetes and heart failure, monitors patients, helps and directs the patient, and checks that the tests are laboratory or x-rays.
Dr. Sobash’s internal medicine service comprises experts in autoimmune diseases, vascular risk factors, thromboembolic disease, AIDS, arterial hypertension, heart failure, the elderly, multiple pathologies, etc.
Internal medicine is undergoing an important change in recent years. Beyond the scientific advances and the movements in the management of hospitalized patients, the shift in specialization with the advent of the core system restores internal medicine to a role from which it had been relegated.
Dr. Philip Sobash is a specialist for adults; he is the one who offers the global vision of the sick person with scientific guarantees and with the weight of his experience. He skillfully attends to the multiple and varied complaints and reasons for consultation at the hospital, from the simplest to the most complex, that threatens or compromise the patient’s life.

He makes accurate diagnoses

Today, more research support is needed to continue offering better medical care. That is why Dr. Philip Sobash has offered scholarships for internal medicine students, which allows them to be trained most appropriately.
He is interested in all the problems of the patients and, very specifically, the vision of them as a whole, being aware that the intervention of other specialists will often be necessary to reach correct diagnoses and be able to carry out adequate treatments. All this is transmitted to those who obtain the Sobash scholarship.

A doctor who solves

Being decisive is the characteristic of Dr. Philip Sobash; through a global analysis of his patients, this internist integrally treats the patient, not in parts. That is why, starting in adolescence, everyone must have a general practitioner. He applies respiratory rehabilitation, which is necessary for patients with some degree of respiratory failure and may include training the muscles involved in breathing and the arms and legs.

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