The ​Crown Service Dr. Michael Hilton – A Certified EM Physician

Dr. Michael Hilton – A Certified EM Physician

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Emergency medicine doctors see patients of all ages and most conditions in the emergency department. They diagnose and treat a wide range of illnesses, often working under pressure to treat patients immediately. They are doctors who specialize in treating life-threatening injuries and illnesses. While you were sleeping, your doctor provided care in the emergency department. Emergency medicine doctors can diagnose and treat patients in the emergency room to help them get better as quickly as possible.

Emergency medicine doctors like Dr Michael Hilton are an essential part of medical teams in many hospitals and medical clinics. They are responsible for evaluating and stabilizing patients who have suffered major injuries or illnesses before they can be referred to another medical professional. These physicians have a wide range of responsibilities, including assessing patient needs and conducting physical exams, providing emotional support to patients and family members during emergencies, performing minor surgeries under anesthesia, prescribing medications, performing on-the-spot lab tests and diagnosing ailments through an array of high-tech equipment.

Specializing in Emergency Care

A Doctor of Medicine (MD or M.D.) is a medical degree, the meaning of which varies between different jurisdictions. In most countries, the MD denotes a doctor who holds primary medical qualifications and can practice independently, but in some countries, it may also be used by practitioners in areas such as pediatrics and emergency medicine.

Emergency medicine is a medical specialty that deals with the immediate decision making and action beyond the primary care of a patient. It is a medical specialty devoted to the care of patients whose health problems are time-sensitive. The field is broad and includes acute illnesses, diabetes, infectious diseases, obstetrics and pediatrics.

Emergency Medicine Dr Michael Hilton are medical doctors who provide evaluation and treatment for patients with acute illness and injury outside of a hospital’s emergency department. Emergency Medicine physicians assess and treat conditions including trauma, shock, burns, respiratory distress, cardiac arrest, poisoning and suspected injuries requiring surgery. In addition to these specific areas of expertise in emergency medicine, doctors also work at hospitals to help manage patients during an emergency room visit or admission.

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