The ​Crown Medical Dr Lane Sebring: How Family Doctors Can Help With Your Mental Health

Dr Lane Sebring: How Family Doctors Can Help With Your Mental Health

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Mental health is often a taboo subject, but it’s no secret that it affects all people. For that, you may not think your family doctor knows much about mental health issues or how to help with them. But Dr Lane Sebring states that family doctors actually have what it takes when it comes to helping patients with mental health concerns.

Your Family Doctor Has Experience With Mental Health Issues

First of all, your family doctor has much more professional experience with mental health issues than you might think. These doctors may have treated the same condition many times before, or they might be able to refer you to someone who can help.

Your family doctor will be able to help with many different types of mental health problems, including depression, anxiety disorders, phobias, and bipolar disorder. If you’re worried about a friend or family member whose mental health isn’t getting better, talk to your family doctor about what else could be done for them.

Your Family Doctor Understands Your Family’s Health History

Dr Lane Sebring Since your family doctor knows your family’s health history, they can help you look for patterns in your family’s health history, such as depression or anxiety disorders. Your doctor may also be able to identify risk factors for mental health issues like alcohol use disorders or Drug addiction.

Your family doctor may also recognize signs and symptoms associated with mental illness before they become serious enough to warrant hospitalization or psychiatric intervention. This could include significant changes in sleeping habits and eating habits, changes in personality, anxiety/panic attacks, and suicidal thoughts/attempts.

Your Family Doctor Can Help You Get The Right Care Instead Of Waiting For A Psychiatrist

Lastly, your family doctor might be able to help you get the right mental health care and support right away, instead of waiting to see a psychologist or psychiatrist. Family doctors are trained in psychology, so they fully know how to identify mental health problems and connect patients with appropriate mental health care services.

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